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The Maritime CleanCabin

As a result of the covid pandemic, most vessels have not been able to operate without severe restrictions regarding crew and passenger health. Therefore, Arkitech has developed the Maritime CleanCabin. The MCC is a proven high-tech solution to quarantine contaminated passengers onboard and to prevent disease outbreaks at sea. One single regular cabin can be converted into a fully operational MCC with airlock system.

The MCC quarantines contaminated persons using five key components. Click on the different components for more information.

Continuously monitored Complete isolation Clean air Cleanroom technology Comfortable quarantine

Continuously monitored

To control the air pressure and quality, all data is carefully monitored with the Arkitech ARK M20 data analysis system. The system will automatically restore the under pressure whenever it is disturbed. Before critical values are exceeded, the system will signal and alarm the crew.

Complete isolation

Using CDC and FDA approved technology, the MCCs are completely isolated from the other areas of the ship. Crew members can visit patients for medical care through an airlock, equipped with a passthrough system and cleaning facilities. The modified airflow system creates a constant under pressure in the MCC. Because of the under pressure, no air will flow out of the MCC and the internal air quality of the vessel is maintained. Food and necessities can be handed to the patient using a passthrough box, so zero direct contact between the contaminated person and the crew is necessary.

Clean air

The air that goes into the MCC is filtered to the highest standards and the outgoing air directly leaves the vessel. That way the air quality on the other areas of the vessel will not be compromised. The risk of a disease outbreak is mitigated.

Cleanroom technology

The MCC is created using existing and certified cleanroom technology. All furniture, walls, floors and ceilings are designed to be medically cleaned to the highest cleanroom standards. This is the same technology that is used in labs and other facilities with high hygiene standards at leading health care companies.

Comfortable quarantine

Besides offering a completely safe and healthy living environment, the quarantined patient will be provided with maximum comfort. The MCC will be equipped with a bed, TV, multimedia and bathroom. All designed to be cleaned to the highest standards. 


Our ARK M20 system

All our solutions to facilitate healthy living conditions and to save energy are put together into one innovative system: the ARK M20 system. The system consists of three modules, that together improve the air quality, reduce the energy cost and prevent disease outbreaks at sea.

Internal Air Quality improvement

The ARK M20 system analyses data from all Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning systems. The system detects and measures all important particles in the air on a vessel. The system filters harmful particles out of the air and signals when critical values are exceeded.

HVAC optimization

Since Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning are responsible for up to 30 percent of the total energy of large vessels, there is a lot of energy to be saved in those departments. The ARK M20 system analyses data to efficiently use available power. By doing this, up to 18 percent of the HVAC energy use can be reduced.

Maritime CleanCabins®

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Arkitech has developed a system to quarantain passengers on sea. The MCC's are designed in a way that contaminated passengers can be fully isolated from the rest of the passengers and the crew, so that a disease outbreak can be prevented at an early stage.