Our services

What you can expect from us

To make sure the ARK M20 system is used to its full potential, Arkitech delivers several additional services to our clients. Our engineers are always available for remote support or support on site. 

Remote installation

Being an Amsterdam based, but internationally oriented company we only fly when necessary. The ARK M20 system is carefully designed so that we can offer to help companies with installing the system smoothly from our home base in Amsterdam.

Custom dashboard

The ARK M20 system comes with a clear, customisable dashboard. You are in control of which data you want to have easily accessible. The data on the dashboard gives you an extensive insight the Maritime CleanCabins, the internal air quality and the performance of the HVAC-systems. That way you can take full control of your ship through your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.


As soon as the ARK M20 system is up and running, the system will reduce the energy usage of the vessel. However, for clients to further profit from the system, Arkitech consults on efficient use of chillers, air handling units and air filters. This way we can improve the maritime sector together.