How it works

Arkitech’s system brings a lot of benefits and features to the table and it is retrofittable to legacy systems in a short period of time.

The ARK-M20 saves energy by continuously optimizing the ship’s climate control system

Most HVAC chillers temperatures are changed by engineers onboard according to weather and environmental conditions. This way of doing things leaves ample room for improvement

10-20% HVAC Saving

With the ARK M20 the set-point is continuously optimized for variable conditions such as night/day, port/navigation, empty/full ship, high/low mobility and local weather conditions

12 - 14 Months Payback

Our low cost solution and timely installation result in a short payback period

Real Time Data Analytics

Our dashboard and reporting tools provide realtime reporting and insight in HVAC kpi's

Flexible Solution

Our flexible solution is retrofittable to older vessels and legacy systems

5-15% Emission Reduction

As the HVAC system makes up for 20-30% of the on-board energy use while at see and 70-80% while on shore emissions can be reduced by 5-15%

Lets get you started!

10 min. online survey that the ship operator can fill-in to determine ARK M20 applicability. Followed by a meeting to discuss and explain the survey outcome. contact us for more details

Our engineers perform the onboard installation in correspondence with your ship engineers. We connect the hardware to our cloud platform, start optimization and set-up client dashboards


The system will generate savings right after installment, and continue to optimize through our cloud platform. As well we will supply you with real time HVAC monitoring dashboards

Start to see a return on your investment, as well as the knowledge that your fleet is more sustainable! 

Have more questions?

We are always excited and proud to talk about our product, so lets get in contact and start chatting!