Improving the maritime environment

Arkitech launches the Maritime CleanCabin!

After numerous covid outbreaks on vessels this year, cruise ships and ferries have not been able to operate without severe restrictions. In order to resume operations strict measures must be taken to guarantee the health and safety of crew and passengers. For this purpose, Arkitech developed the Maritime CleanCabin® (MCC).The MCC is a high-tech solution to quarantine contaminated passengers onboard and to prevent disease outbreaks at sea.

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HVAC energy use

Heating-, Ventilation- and Air Conditioning systems are responsible for up to 30 percent of the total energy usage of a cruise ship



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Reduced energy use

Using our ARK M20 system Italian ferry operator GNV has saved 18 percent of its HVAC energy use on their La Suprema vessel




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MWh saved so far!

We are proud to have saved over a thousand megawatthours of energy all over the world! 

Internal Air Quality improvement

All our solutions to facilitate healthy living conditions and to save energy are put together into one innovative system: the ARK M20 system. The ARK M20 system analyses data from all Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning systems. The system detects and measures all important particles in the air on a vessel. The system filters harmful particles out of the air and signals when critical values are exceeded.