What we're up to

Arkitech launches the Maritime CleanCabin

November 2020 finally brought some positive news regarding covid vaccines. In addition, Arkitech proudly announces the launch of our Maritime CleanCabin®. The MCC is a high-tech solution to quarantine contaminated passengers onboard and to prevent disease outbreaks at sea. Therefore crew and passenger health can be guaranteed, even during covid times. The technology has already been in use for years onshore and it has been approved by institutes like the CDC and the FDA.

Marcom agreement with ABB Ports & Marine

In October 2019 Arkitech signed a marcom agreement with ABB Ports & Marine. The purpose of this agreement is that ABB and Arkitech supplies Chiller Optimization solutions in collaboration towards the Marine Market. “This collaboration will strengthen Arkitech position towards the market” says Bart Cunnen. “for ABB the Arkitech product fit into the product portfolio regarding HVAC retrofit solutions”. We are looking forward to more successfull projects together like we did last march with GNV.

European Commission awards Arkitech Seal of Excellence

October 2019 has started excitingly with the European Commission awarding Arkitech with a Seal of Excellence! The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to companies that are putting time and effort in research and innovation. We are honoured to become a part of the Horizon 2020 programme. We will continue to contribute to the Horizon 2020 programme's goal to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Arkitech helps GNV reduce 18% energy use

The 7th of March 2019 Italian ferry operator Grande Navi Veloci (GNV) proudly announced that the La Suprema ferry saved 18 percent of its Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning energy use. In cooperation with our partner ABB Ports & Marine we installed our ARK M10 system on their vessel and the results have exceeded all expectations. GNV have reduced their energy use by 70 MWh each month, saving them almost €80.000 a year!

Arkitech joins Netherlands Maritime Technology

Since March 2019 Arkitech has become a member of the Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT). The NMT is the branche organisation for the famous Dutch maritime industry. As a part of the NMT we will share knowledge with other members and we will continue to innovate the industry.